Janice Chaka

Summit Host

Janice is the host and organizer of The Get Your Podcast Started Summit. She helps entrepreneurs set up systems to create, run and grow their podcasts so they go from just another overwhelming project to take on to a process driven lead generator that integrates seamlessly into their business while helping to grow their brand. She is also the founder of The Career Introvert where she coaches introverted women to launch their podcasts without overwhelm. She hosts the podcast The Traveling Introvert where she talks about running businesses, traveling and being an introvert.

Addy Saucedo

Education & Engagement Manager

Addy Saucedo is known as The Podcast Planner in the podcast community and is the Education and Engagement Manager at Simplecast. She has a background in audio engineering and spent seven years of talent hosting, editing, producing, and managing other podcasts. Addy takes her experience as an opportunity to help other podcasters plan, create, and share their message with the world.

Jillian Winters &

Jodie Vinson

What Cheer Writers Club

Jillian is the General Manager for What Cheer Writers Club – a nonprofit community workspace in downtown Providence for makers of the written, spoken, and illustrated word. She has worked previously with several other local nonprofits, including Providence Children’s Museum and NAATE. Jillian helps run What Cheer Club’s Podcasting Studio, and hosts the What Cheer Club podcast RIters Resource alongside her host and colleague Jodie Vinson.

Jodie Vinson serves as Program Manager at What Cheer Writers Club, a nonprofit serving writers, illustrators, podcasters and indie publishers across Rhode Island.

Shelly DeWitt &

Mary Rutt

Latter-Day Lesbian Cohosts

An ex-Mormon gay girl trying to figure out life. A couple who have found amazing ways to build community while still being true to themselves.

Charlie Briggs &

Aamber Hickman

Podcasters at Ladies Doing Stuff

Ladies Doing Stuff is a “help self” versus “self help” Podcast. Best friends Charlie and Aamber give insight on life in Los Angeles as women of color while sharing their hilarious experiences with “real life.”

Natalie Jennings

Photographer & Podcaster

In 2009, after earning a graduate degree in education, Natalie decided something else was pulling her. She quit her teaching job and started Jennings Photo. Since 2009, she’s taken her 4-figure starter biz to a six figure brand, and keeps aiming higher. She recently released her second podcast called Photo Business Help. Her work has appeared in The Atlantic, The Huffington Post, Sun Country Airlines, The Guardian, and brought her around the globe including Australia, Palestine, Guatemala, Japan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Scotland, Israel and Hawaii.

Pam Covarrubias

Recovering Procrastinator, Intuitive Brand Strategist, and Podcaster

Pam is dynamically skilled as an Intuitive Brand Strategist, Podcaster, Speaker, Certified Crystal Healer, and Recovering Procrastinator. She primarily spends her time elevating small businesses by helping them develop their brand in intuitive ways, while also staying true to their unique story. Throughout her diverse career, Pam learned the importance of branding and positioning in an ever-changing market. She utilizes her natural skills, as a highly intuitive and creative human and as a strategic marketer, to develop systems that help individuals accomplish their intentions. She brilliantly blends creativity and practicality to help her clients achieve success. Pam’s mission is to Spread Ideas, Move People. As a creator, speaker, mentor, and visionary, she strives to bring products, support, insight, and accountability to those around her.

Maria Sokolova


Digital nomad for 6 years, traveling the world and writing about my experience. Started a podcast with 2 other nomads to inspire people in the post Soviet countries to try digital nomad lifestyle.

Brooke Wiles

Podcaster, Business Strategist, Overly Organized Brooke?

Brooke is a pole dancing mama with a love for teaching and talking, hence why she started a Podcast (and teaches a pole dance class)! She is also a mindset coach dealing specifically with fears and a business strategist looking to make your business as efficient has humanly possible for YOU.

Nubia Younge & Frantzces Lys

Travel Influencers & Podcast Hosts

Nubia & Frantzces are the dynamic duo behind Chronicles Abroad. These two empty nesters decided to embark on a journey abroad after dealing with toxic relationships, depression and anxiety. Travel transformed their lives. They wanted to share the stories of other professional individuals over 35 to help empower and inspire their listeners to travel with passion and purpose.

Cecily White-Cooper


C. White-Cooper (Teacher Ces) took a nontraditional course into the world of teaching. Starting as a substitute, Teacher Ces was asked to stay on for the rest of the school year for a class that did not have a teacher. At the end of that school year, Teacher Ces decided to become a full-time classroom teacher. Teacher Ces worked in a second-grade classroom in the day and attended school full time in the evening to obtain her teaching certification for the following two years. Teacher Ces went on to obtain her master’s degree in Education (M.Ed). Throughout the years Teacher Ces has coached and tutored. She has also obtained endorsements in English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and Reading Specialist. After working with several tutoring companies and still working a full-time job, Teacher Ces decided the time was right for working independently.

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