Your Podcast Episode’s Ideal Length

Is there an ideal length for a podcast episode? You are looking at a complex equation with various factors if you’re trying to determine the ideal length for podcast episodes. If we’re following a data-driven report, the overall average length of a podcast is 43 minutes. So does that mean each of your podcast episodes should be about that long? The correct answer would always depend on what content you wish to publish. As a general rule in today’s digital age, where the average human attention span is now shorter than a goldfish’s, people will listen to your podcast as long as you can keep their interest. That means that if you can have your listeners hooked on your show for 10-15 mins, that is already a win you should celebrate.

Here are some factors you may want to consider when you try to experiment on your podcast episode’s length.

Know your audience

Here is the truth: your audience is not “everyone”. Understanding who your audience will be is more than just demographics, and learning the dynamics of how audiences listen is very important in podcasting. Some listen while they are on the commute, or when they’re doing the laundry, or when they have free time to just sit back and relax. Once you’ve determined who your audiences are, you can start finding your niche. Remember that specific is better than general. This is the first step before brainstorming what your content will be.

What is your content?

You want continuous engagement on your podcast channel. You want to glue your audience to not just one episode, but you want them to be loyal to your show every time you publish new content. So what is it that you should be talking about on your podcast? There are several ways to produce an engaging podcast content. Perhaps, in all of it, you will learn that your content should always be what you think your listeners would want to hear. In every topic you choose to share and discuss, there isn’t really a standard length to follow. However, the topic of the podcast should also be the deciding factor in its length. To serve as a guideline, remember that as long as you can create a show with great and informative details minus all the excessive and unnecessary talk, your episode’s length is just as long or short as it needs to be. 

Things to consider

Once you have created an outline of what you will be discussing on your show, consider the time it’s going to take you to record and edit all the things required to create quality podcasts. You also need to consider the type of content you are publishing. That is to see if you can have it segmented into several episodes to make it more engaging and effective (e.g. an interview that went so great that it lasted for several hours). This way, you can also outline the frequency of your show which would help your listeners know what to expect next on your podcast.