5 Creative Ways to Repurpose Your Podcast

The greatest challenge in planning a podcast episode is in creating a compelling and engaging piece of content. The creative process in curating content involves a lot of brainstorming, researching, writing, revisions, and a whole lot of editing. That sounds time-consuming, especially since the goal of every podcaster is not just to create a single interesting content but several ones to increase engagement and continue brand presence. This is where repurposing your podcast content comes to the rescue!

Repurposing your podcast means you’ll be tailoring the format of your existing content based on a new channel or platform. A lot of podcasters have already explored this option because it is an excellent tool to continue connectivity among listeners who are also frequent users of other online platforms. Derek Halpern of Social Triggers advised, “You don’t have to create content day in and out. You just have to work on getting the content you already have in the hands of other people.” 

So if you want to make most of your efforts and you have evergreen podcast content that deserves a new audience, here are several creative ways to add value and repurpose your podcast and breathe new life to another amazing content. 

Create a blog

Repurpose your podcast by transcribing it. Since podcasts are a purely auditory experience, its content can still be appealing to avid readers in the form of a blog. Podcast transcription is a great marketing strategy, too, because it can help with the SEO. Hence, it can help drive more traffic to your podcast channel. There is a lot of audio to text transcription software you can utilize as well.

Publish a video version of your podcast

For some podcast episodes such as interviews, you can arrange to record it as a video (and just extract the audio for your podcast) and repurpose your content as a vodcast! Today’s technology provides a forum for a wide variety of video podcasters even to those who just would like to share their existing content among other channels on a video format. Among others, YouTube and Facebook will get you a wider reach.

Repost and promote in social media

Social media’s share-friendly nature can increase brand exposure by having your podcast get more attention from as many potential listeners as possible that can be found on social networks every day. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr are great channels to build up your network. Make sure to repurpose your podcast content by reposting it on social media. Share existing episodes, create stand-alone teasers, and provide updates. 

Curate Pinterest board with infographics

The value of creating content is creating more content. Give your listeners a visual experience by curating a Pinterest board filled with infographics of your podcast episodes. Pinterest is essentially a visual bookmarking site. And since “pins” are based on interests, there is a guarantee you will find the perfect audience who shares similar interests as your podcast.

Take advantage of Facebook Live and IG TV for a live Q&A session

As Facebook rolls out new video tools, it becomes easier to expand your digital footprint by adding value to an already existing content. Take advantage of these special features to create a Q&A version of your podcast episodes! This won’t only allow you to repurpose your content; it would also be an avenue for you to know your listener’s opinions on certain topics. You can also use this opportunity to ask them of what topic you can discuss next on your future podcast episodes! 

Once you have repurposed your podcast content to a Facebook Live session, you can then repurpose that Facebook Live into an IG TV. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone!