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Half-Day Intensive 

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Let’s work smarter, not harder.

I will spend a half-day with you to go from your podcast idea to an outline for your intro episode.
Yes, you read it right- just half a day!
I set up and created my own podcast in a week.
It gave me the insight and the knowledge to know what to do to set up a podcast.
This is why I have created this package to help you do the bulk of what I did in less than a day!
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Save Time

The session is designed to save you time as I have already researched the best approach to make your podcast as easy as possible.

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Stay Organized

We will work on one main document that you keep that will give you the framework to not only start, but continue your podcast for years to come.

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Start Your Podcast

I will guide you through the foundational work that will help you start your podcast off on the right foot.

How I Can Help You?

The service is designed for people who have been putting off (or simply procrastinating) starting a podcast because they are overwhelmed.

Yes, setting up a podcast can be an overwhelming task because there is too much information out there that gets you confused to a point that you don’t know where to begin. The existing online information makes it extremely difficult to set out on the journey of podcasting because of information overload. Just like data, information can only be useful if it’s sorted and made relevant based on your business goal. You see, unsorted information is worse than no information at all. That’s why I want to make your life easy by taking the load of sorting out all the unnecessary information to help you set up an effective podcast that will see your business thrive.

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How Does It Work?


Book My Calendar

Pick a day that works for you

Start thinking about podcast ideas

Half-Day Intensive

We meet on Zoom

We start creating your podcast framework

We take breaks to recharge whenever needed

Start Your Podcast

You will have an outline for your intro episode

You will have 6 months of content outlined

You will have set steps to set up the tech for your podcast


Personalized tech set up guide 

Intro episode review

Voxxer office hours support for a month

Course on how to be the ultimate podcast guest

Half-Day Intensive Plus Bonuses for $1500

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Why Start A Podcast?

It’s a great step towards promoting your business because podcast listenership continues to grow immensely. Edison Research reports that the number of Americans listening to podcasts every week increased by 175% over the last five years, with about 90 million people listening to podcasts each month.

Statistics suggest that podcasts should be part of your marketing techniques as they will help you reach the growing audience and help you expand your business through content marketing.

Although starting podcast does not need any major technical know-how, nor does it require a lot of money to start, it can be challenging for anyone to go through the process of setting up one that fits and aligns with their business.

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Save time, money & stress with Podcast In A Day

6 Reasons to Get Your Podcast Started, In a Day

Get guided 1:1 support

Reduce information overload

Expert feedback


Mark this project off your to do list

The sooner you start, the sooner you can get better

Let’s Chat

If you have any questions feel free to send me a message

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