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Starting January 2020 Pod-mentor

The six month mentorship for you to Get Your Podcast Started, with expert help, strategy, how-to videos, accountability and feedback.


What you get:

6 months of pod-mentorship

6 Action Plan Workbooks

12+ Laser Lessons

6+ Live Group Accountability Sessions

Access To A Priviate Pop Up Facebook Group


Get Your Podcast Started Planning Workbook

In 6 months, you will stop procrastinating, being scared, worried and get your podcast launched confidently


Monthly Action Plan

This amazing PDF will focus on a specific topic and guide you through step by step that you can do for your podcast

Laser Lessons

Short and sweet classes on all things podcasting so you can implement them fast. These are designed to help you get things done!


Live Accountability Sessions

The perfect time to check in and see how everyone is implementing the Action Plan and ask any questions.

Every month Pod-mentor will give you the exact steps you need to start and grow your podcast


This part is crutial. You will have access to the Get Your Podcast Started Planning book. This will help set a clear foundation for why you are creating a podcast and how to set goals. We will cover the following and more:

  • What you’re podcasting about and why.
  • Who your ideal listener is.
  • What format you should choose for your show.
  • How to set goals for your podcast and your business.


This month we will cover everything hardware and software related. There is so much information out there and I want to help you narrow down what will work for your podcast with minimum overwhelm.


For you to be consistant and keep showing up for your listeners you will need systems. This is what will set your podcast apart and stop you from feeling like you are drowning. Systems, workflows and automation are key.


Even if you have a solo podcast ast some point you are going to be a guest on someone elses podcast. This month we are going to focus on not only how to find guests and be a great interviewer but also how to prepare to be a guest on a show.


This month we will cover everything social media. From Facebook to Pinterest to Twitter. Social media will help you build your brand and get new listeners. 


There will be more information on social media covered in this month but also how to go on a Podcast tour and some PR tricks. Not everything works for everyone. We will cover how to find what works for you.


Making money should not be the reason why you are starting a podcast  but it sure can help with getting the word out and helping others. This month we will talk about the ways you can see a return on investment with your podcast.

Janice Chaka


Janice has given workshops all over the world on starting and growing a podcast. She started with no listeners and now has clients reach out to her because of her podcast.
Since she started her podcast just over two years ago she has been a guest on over 30 podcasts, run an online summit on podasting, spoken in multiple cities on podcasting , published a book from interviews and helped 100's of people start thier podcast.