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This is not your normal summit we will not have the big names that you have heard from time and time again with the same stuff. We will have real podcasters who have done what they are talking about.


Information on microphones, headphones, pop filters, audio interfaces and so much more. How to set up for in person interviews. What works well for virtual interviews. We will talk about it all here.

Guests and Interviewing

We will cover the best places to find guests to interview. How to pitch to other podcasts to be a guest. Systems that make scheduling easier. How to be the perfect guest and ways to conduct an awesome interview.


You love to work on your podcast but wouldn't it be nice to make some money as well. Crowdfunding, affiliates, advertising and more. Find out about all the ways you can make money with your podcast.

Social Media

Although it can seem overwhelming social media is the best way to get the word out about your podcast. We will cover the pro's and cons of the different platforms.

Audience Growth

We know you want to get your message out to as many people as possible. But how exactly do you do that? You will get to listen to people who have created a community around their podcast.

Repurposing for Optimization

Learn how to make your podcast website SEO optimized as well as all the different ways you can repurpose your podcast.

Janice Chaka

Host and Interviewer

Janice is the host and organizer of The Get Your Podcast Started Summit. She helps entrepreneurs set up systems to create, run and grow their podcasts so they go from just another overwhelming  project to take on to a process driven lead generator that integrates seamlessly into their business while helping to grow their brand.   

She is also the founder of The Career Introvert where she coaches introverted women to excel in their career and business. She hosts the podcast The Traveling Introvert where she talks about running businesses, traveling and being an introvert. 


Andréa Jones
Social Media Strategist

Andréa Jones is a social media strategist who works with small businesses, startups, and podcasts to build their online presence through targeted social media and content marketing solutions. She’s the host of the Savvy Social Podcast, a show for budding entrepreneurs who want to understand the how and why of social media marketing. She’s also the founder of SavvySocialSchool – a membership community that has everything you need to achieve visibility, growth, and engagement on social media.

Carla Biesinger
Instagram Consultant

Carla is an online marketing consultant with a focus on Instagram. Her clients are women in the Food, Health, and Fitness industry who are starting their own online business. Carla helps them grow their audience and income through the power of Instagram.

Jacqui Oh
Host and Moderator of StartDis Podcast

Jacqui is a teacher, lifelong learner, mother of three and uses her voice as her instrument. She has used Twitter to grow her podcast.

Jaz Broughton
Customer Success Manager at Trint

As customer success manager at Trint working with clients to use automated transcription to improve the release and reach of their content Jaz Broughton is a fan of all things that make podcasters’ lives better, even more so as a podcaster herself.

Ma'ayan Plaut
Content Strategist and Podcast Librarian

Ma’ayan Plaut is the Content Strategist & Podcast Librarian at RadioPublic and contributing writer for the Bello Collective. At RadioPublic, she helps research, recommend, and curate podcasts, as well as assisting podcasters big and small in their marketing and communications.

Sami Gardner
LinkedIn/Career Consultant

Sami Gardner helps women to find their voice, nail their strategy, and get financial freedom on their terms. Her knowledge about LinkedIn is legendary and has been used to help hundreds of people in their careers as well as net a few awesome podcasting guests. 
Her podcast The Career Kickstart has been rated one of the top career podcasts to listen to. 

Kinsey Roberts
Podcast Coach & Customer Happiness Specialist

During the day, Kinsey is a Customer Happiness Specialist and Social Media Manager at Acuity Scheduling. In the evening she’s hustling as a podcaster herself and also helps other women start, grow and monetize their own shows.

Jenny Dorsey
Chef & Artist

Jenny is a professional chef, author and artist specializing in multi-platform storytelling fusing food with social good. Right now, she’s especially interested in emerging technology, such as AR/VR. She runs an experimental popup series named Wednesdays (, is the Co-Host of Why Food? podcast on Heritage Radio Network and leads a non-profit studio named Studio ATAO (

Patricia Qhobela Jenkins
Podcast Editor

I’m a Podcast Coach for women who are overwhelmed with all the conflicting advice about starting a podcast; guiding you from idea to confidently lauching your podcast. For those who just want to record and outsource the editing I offer a range of podcast editing packages. I love the medium of podcasting because I think it gives us all a level playing field to discuss ideas, find a community and talk about what you love.

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